Motivated, result-oriented and professional Mortgage specialist with a broad range of experience. Offering in-depth knowledge of home loans, and analyzing and comparing products and services to meet client’s specific needs. Talented in advising clients about specific mortgage services while helping clients submit complete applications. Brilliant communication, customer service and interpersonal skills, unmatched ability to manage client relationships effectively, and ensure that deals run smoothly.

Contact clients through email and telephone to provide them with service information

Perform loan originating tasks, and act as a point of contact for all clients

In-depth knowledge of evaluating mortgage paperwork

Assess clients’ financial circumstances and histories to find ideal matches

Negotiate with banks and direct lenders to find the best opportunities

Ensure that all paperwork is properly carried out for each mortgage opportunity

Unmatched ability to verify clients’ incomes, and gather credit information

Demonstrated ability to follow through with clients throughout the approval process

Excellent ability to keep mortgage loan information confidential and safe

Focused on ensuring shortest possible timelines for mortgage approval